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Virginia Sotirova

visual design

Gina founded Zayko in 2000. In 2005, she was profiled by CREATE Magazine and, in 2006, she received an Interactive Media Outstanding Achievement Award. Gina studied Information Science at the University of Michigan and graphic design at The Art Institute of Boston. She holds a M.A. in Near Eastern Studies from Sofia University and a Certificate in Web Design and Development from Boston University. Gina loves taking pictures of squirrels, swimming, and backpacking. In her free time, she serves as Website Committee Officer at the International Women's Club of Boston and volunteers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Emil Sotirov

user experience & product design

Emil is a software/web architect of products hailed as "best of the best" by The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, the American Library Association, the US Congress Administrative Office, and many others. Emil dropped out of his Ph.D. studies at the University of Michigan after getting infected by the Internet virus. But he still has his Master's in Architecture from Sofia Architecture & Civil Engineering University. He loves watching squirrels. In his free time, Emil designs a secret product that will soon replace Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr combined.

Val Valchev

system design & programming

Val is a hugely experienced "full-stack" system engineer and developer, who has recently developed the latest version of the social network site Aidpage. He has worked at ProPeople, People Networks, Aidpage, and IDILOGIC. Val has a Master's in Computer Science from Sofia Technical University. He loves photography, backpacking, and camping in magical places like the Zion National Park.

Stamen Georgiev

front-end programming

Stamen is our front-end engineering wizard. He has worked at Telerik, Everbread, Lessno, and Aidpage. Stamen has a Master's in Informatics from Varna Economics University. In his free time, he creates electronic music (trance, techno, ambient).

Elena Petrova

front-end programming

Elena does mostly front-end coding... for now. She has worked at Telerik, SimpleSite, Everbread, and Publicis. Elena is currently completing her Master's in Computer Science from Sofia Technical University. She has a dog and loves skiing.

What clients say

David Bienvenu
Software Engineer at Google, Mozilla Thunderbird Architect, Board Member

When BookMentors solicited bids for developing its website, Zayko's was by far the most reasonable and practical bid...

Zayko team were very good about incorporating the feedback we gave them. They kept to the budget, and delivered in a timely manner. The internal testing went very quickly, and the bugs we found were fixed very quickly. The launch was very smooth and people seem to really like the site.

Jennifer Soalt
Founder, Executive Director
Concord, MA

I came to Zayko with an idea for developing a nonprofit platform, which used micropatronage and social interaction to address book access problems in high-poverty schools.

The staff of Zayko showed ingenuity, persistence, patience, creativity, and thoughtful planning as we worked on developing the site over the course of 18 months. They were always able to come up with a clever solution to whatever problem arose, and were always willing to put in whatever extra effort it took to make all parts of the site function equally well. At all times they listened to our plans and built on them in ways that grew our initial ideas into a truly appealing social nonprofit platform, where donors and teachers can give, get, and talk books.

Charles Harvey
MIT Professor, Board Member
Cambridge, MA

The Bookmentors site brought together a remarkably wide range of challenges.

It has been a pleasure working with Zayko. Their foresight and attention to detail, from planning to final testing, made the project a success. Zayko was very helpful in explaining all aspects of their work and accommodating our ideas. Zayko really gets the job done right. It is hard to imagine that this project could have been a success with any other firm.

Laurel Finucan
Web Project Manager
New England Anti-Vivisection Society
Boston, MA

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! ...for doing such a great job on the Project R&R site. It looks really fabulous. Gina, it was very nice working with you and Emil, and we hope to continue our work down the road.

Denise Wolk
Director of Publications and Communications
Educators for Social Responsibility
Cambridge, MA

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services provided by Zayko, and its principal Virginia (Gina) Sotirova. Zayko has been providing web design services for Educators for Social Responsibility since we began doing business together in December of 2007. Gina and her team were able to step in and take over the existing site for us. They have completed re-engineering our CMS and training our staff to use the new interface.

Theodora Capaldo, Ed.D.
New England Anti-Vivisection Society
Boston, MA

Gina is a pleasure to work with. Her commitment to excellence is always apparent as is her desire to give her client what they need and want. We feel we are in good hands with her.

Carla Golden
Website Project Coordinator
Sea Pines Montessori Academy
Hilton Head Island, NC

This is so incredibly exciting for me to witness...

A prospective parent visited today and wants her child to attend SPMA. She told the Head of School that she spent hours on the spma.com site and was practically convinced it was the right school before she actually stepped foot on campus.

The site is working for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Patricia Onorato
Co-founder, President, Chair of the Board
Vulvodynia Matters
Waltham, MA

Zayko did a fabulous job creating the Vulvodynia Matters website! They understood exactly our vision for the website and also provided training for me and a colleague so that we can make updates to the site.

Sarah Swanson
Director of Marketing and Development
Springstep Art Center
Medford, MA

You have made a very big difference to Springstep's overall success. I'd like to commend you on your excellent customer service. It has always been very easy to work with you. And, many times you have exceeded my expectations by providing personal training, ensuring our staff understood any new systems that you built for our site.

Thank you for your excellent work!

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